Poetry Sunday: December by Harvey Carson Grumbine

I went looking for a poem about December and found them mostly covered in snow. That's winter as it looks up north, of course. Around here, in Southeast Texas, things are considerably greener but evidently no one has written a poem about that! Ah, well, many of my readers live in colder climes and so perhaps will find the sentiments expressed in this poem at least somewhat familiar.


by Harvey Carson Grumbine

High like skeletons grim
The trees hold up their arms;
The last leaf's hurried from its limb
By the tempest's wild alarms;
The river ripples gray and cold,
And autumn's o'er like a story told.

Deep in the lonely wood
The leaves lie thickly strown;
The timorous rabbit finds him food,
The snow-bird seeks his own;
The cricket long has ceased his song,
For the breath of winter's cold and strong.

Close to the level plain
The snow clings like a sheet;
The chimney moans as if in pain,
Lashed by the hissing sleet;
And all good men are glad to be
Where the Yule-log sparkles merrily.


  1. I am visiting my daughter in Ottawa and this poem fits the bill. Lots of snow here. Yesterday we stopped to marvel at a tree dripping with Snow Buntings. Now that’s winter magic!

  2. We had some snow earlier in the week but today it is mild and raining, sometimes heavy. We are under both a winter weather advisory (because it will cool down and turn into snow by this evening) and a flood watch. But nothing like Tennessee.

  3. A poem about snow and sleet explains why I like living in the south!

  4. We do get lots of snow and cold where I live, so this poem works for me for December. :D

  5. I remember being very confused about what winter is as a child growing up along the Texas Gulf Coast. We should have more poems about our snow-less winters here. Perhaps I will write one.

    1. What an excellent idea! I'll look forward to your Gulf Coast poetry!


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