Backyard Nature Wednesday: More signs of spring

The 'Climax' blueberry is blooming, so spring must be near.

Last year this blueberry shrub was full of blooms and then full of blueberries. But just after the blueberries had begun to grow, we had a big hail storm that knocked every single one of those berries off.

I'm hoping for better luck this year.

Azaleas, of course, are a major sign of spring in these parts. Houston has its "Azalea Trail" each spring when local gardeners open their gardens to the public to show off their azaleas.

This old Kurume azalea was in the yard when we bought the house twenty-eight years ago. It starts blooming at the bottom of the plant and over a period of several days the blooms open all the way to the top of the plant.

In a few more days, the entire shrub will be covered in these wonderful flowers.  

Cyclamen are usually purchased for winter color and disposed of once the season is over, but this cyclamen has been living happily alongside this peace lily (Spathiphyllum) since the winter of 2014. 

And now it is blooming again.

So, is it a sign of spring or the last gasp of winter? Well, it's 73 degrees F. outside this afternoon, so what do you think? 


  1. Thank you for sharing this enjoyable post

  2. The Climax blueberry? That sounds extra special:-) My dark red azalea is blooming now also. For some reason the white blooms later in my yard. We have cooler temps and rain coming in March. I think Feb and Mar reversed this year. But Spring for sure.

    1. The blueberry is special, especially when we actually get to harvest its berries. Very sweet.

  3. Great pics, Dorothy! The Azalea Trail must be fun to walk and enjoy.

    1. You know I've never actually done the trail. Truth to tell, I'm not such a big azalea fan, but, of course, there are lots of other plants in those beautiful gardens and one might get some ideas for one's own garden. Maybe this is the year that I'll finally take the Azalea Trail.


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