Screen addicts

This Daily Kos cartoon by Jen Sorensen may hit just a little too close to home for comfort for some of us.

We are becoming a race of techno-zombies. Technology has made it possible for us to virtually live our lives through that flat screen that we sit in front of, perpetually mesmerized and oblivious to what's happening around us. 

People who walk down a crowded street with a phone glued to their ear, never seeing their fellow human beings with whom they share the street, are just one of the annoying examples of techno-zombies. Family members, sitting in the same room, each transfixed by the image on their own iPads, are another. They are physically present in the same space but their emotions and consciousness are somewhere in the ethersphere.

Maybe we all need to shut down those screens for a while and get outside and have a tactile experience with the real world. We might even like it.

And I don't think there's an app for that.


  1. I just can't figure out how to write a real live letter without LOL or :)

    1. Let's face it - we're doomed! Technology has spoiled us forever.

  2. I love new technology and the way it allows us to connect, but as a New Year's Resolution I have taken a few steps to disconnecting. There is no "set resolution," just different aspects like turning off most of my smartphone notifications, making Facebook a "quick stop" site rather than a place I hang out on, and consciously deciding to do something specific at certain times rather than the default solution of going to the computer. I have been buying more magazines because I have realized that getting real analysis from the Internet just doesn't work for me -- I end up flitting around too much. And my explorations of my area, even though I share them on my blog, are also a part of "doing something else."

    I think I'll have to do my own blog post on this!

    1. I freely admit that I love the technology as well. I find that most of my communications with my children these day are by text! That's actually very satisfying.

      I think you are wise to set limits on your tech time, and I'm trying to do something similar - especially with Facebook, which can be VERY addicting.


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