Look out, cats. Your days as king of the internet may be numbered. There is an animal which affords you some major internet cuteness competition. Sloths.

Sloths are very, very big on the Internet just now. And they got there by doing practically nothing and doing it verrry slowly.

Unfortunately, their cuteness does not protect them from threats in the wild. The main threat to their existence, as with so many animals, is habitat destruction. But there are people devoted to their rescue.

One of them is Monique Pool, a sloth rescuer and founder of the Green Heritage Fund Suriname. She recently rescued more than 200 sloths from 16 acres of forest that were being cleared for a cattle farm. 
She harbors the animals for a few days before releasing them back into the wild, usually caring for one or two at a time. But the recent rash of deforestation led Pool to rescue many mothers and babies that will need to be cared for for months before they can be released. She also took in homeless anteaters and porcupines in addition to the sloths. 
Many of the rescued animals were Bradypus tridactylus, a species of three-toed sloths only found in the Guiana Shield. Conservation International visited her sanctuary shortly after that rescue operation and made this short film of Pool with the cute animals that had been recently saved.


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