Hey, where'd they go?

Remember a couple of weeks ago, before the presidential debate, when all the political polls, even the very right-wing ones like Fox News and Rasmussen, showed President Obama leading in the race? This had been the case for several weeks and the right-wingers were going crazy!

"The polls are biased!" they cried.

"They are weighted in favor of Obama!"

"The pollsters are asking the wrong questions!"

"They are interviewing the wrong people - too many Democrats, too many people with cell phones!"

Now, there's been almost a complete turnaround in the polls. Nearly all of them either show Romney leading or basically tied with President Obama. And what do we hear from all those whiners about bias in polling? Crickets. They are all too busy chortling about what a terrible debater President Obama is and how Super Mitt is headed for victory!

You don't think the whiners could have possibly been insincere in their critique of pollsters, do you? You don't think they could have been, heaven forbid, BIASED in their assessment?

Well, never mind. I'm sure if the polls reverse again next week, all the whiners will be back on Fox News in full voice, complaining about those terrible liberal-leaning pollsters.


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