Move along. Nothing to see here.

Rupert Murdoch's American media outlets have been at pains to defend him and downplay the ever-widening scandal of bribery, phone hacking, and invasion of privacy that has been happening in Great Britain.  The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, and Fox News have not given much attention to the story but what they have done has been to question why other media outlets are spending so much time on it..  Even the Washington Post, which is not officially owned by Murdoch but which seems to follow his editorial policy, has spouted the same line of nonsense.  After all, "it all happened years ago" and "Murdoch has apologized," and so there's nothing to see here.  It's no big deal.  Move along.

As usual, the truth is very much at variance with the line these News Corp. outlets are trying to sell.  It is, in fact, a very big deal, and it seems very likely to reach into this country as well.  We'll see whether our news media are as aggressive at pursuing the story as the British newspapers have been.   And we'll see whether our Department of Justice has the moxie, under the very disappointing Attorney General Holder, to actually investigate and follow the leads where they go, even if they go to the halls of Congress, to the judiciary or to the White House.  Nothing would surprise me about the reaches of this evil empire.


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