These folks give hypocrisy a bad name

Remember back a couple of months ago when the right wing was all up in arms over having an Islamic Community Center built in the middle of Manhattan? They were so concerned about the sensitive feelings of survivors and kin of the victims of the Twin Towers tragedy. It would hurt their feelings to have an Islamic place of worship a few blocks from the site of the towers. Never mind the fact that a significant number of the innocent victims of that attack were Muslims who worked in the Towers and never mind that there had been an Islamic prayer room in the Towers which was destroyed by the attack of the fanactics along with everything else that awful day. Those were just inconvenient facts and these people don't have a very close relationship with facts.

But, of course, another of their big concerns about the project was the question of where the money to build the structure was coming from. Was it from foreign sources? Was it "dirty Muslim money"? They spent weeks shouting about this and how it was just wrong for foreigners to be able to contribute to the building of this center on American soil. The loudest shouters, as usual, were on Fox News.

So, now, since the Supreme Court's decision allowing corporations to contribute essentially whatever they want in political campaigns and remain anonymous while doing it, in this fall's political campaign, we have the specter of foreign corporations, and perhaps foreign governments as well, making political contributions through the National Chamber of Commerce and other right wing organizations to affect the outcome of our elections. Yes, that's right - they are trying their very hardest to buy our government outright.

All those people who were so outraged about foreigners contributing to the building of a house of worship are now apoplectic about the possibility that these elections and our government can be bought by foreigners. Right? Right? Can't you hear the shouting on Fox News?

Well, they are shouting all right, but what they are shouting about is people complaining about the corruption of the political system and the buying of the government by rich people and by foreign interests. What they are saying is, "Move along now. Nothing to see here. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

Truly, these people give hypocrisy a bad name.


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