Is this finally it?

Is this the week when we finally get a major health care reform bill, however weakened it may be, signed into law by the president? The signs are looking favorable and yet one is almost too terrified to hope at this point. The opposition has been so implacable and so utterly devious and unreasonable, so concerned for the welfare of their corporate sponsors rather than for the average citizen. I am sure they will fight an entrenched battle right up to the very end, so it is essential that those who are trying to pass this bill stay alert and stay strong and do not falter as they near the finish.

From what I understand of what will be in the final bill, it is certainly not what I and many others had hoped for. It will not provide universal health care coverage to Americans, as most countries in the industrialized world provide for their citizens, and yet it is an important step forward.

It is important because it is the first step, the foot in the door, so to speak. Once the principle is established, one can only hope that the law will continue to be amended and improved over the coming years, so that, finally, in a number of years, we may find ourselves on a par with Costa Rica or Canada or France.

Until then, we will continue to be at a disadvantage in the world. A disproportionate percentage of our gross national income will continue to be spent on health care. Money that could be spent to take care of other national needs will be consumed by the monster that is our health care system.

I'm really tired of reading and hearing about this issue. I'm particularly tired of all the lying, hypocrisy, and disingenuousness of the dishonest opponents of reform. I sincerely hope that this week will finally bring them the defeat that they so richly deserve and that we can then move on to some of the other pressing issues facing our country.

Reform of financial institutions and services, for example.


  1. I'm tired, too. I'm glad our president has decided to do more preachin' from the bully pulpit in the final stretch. No, it's not an ideal bill, but as my employer stated (a conservative health care system), to do nothing is unacceptable. Let us take this first step, and when the fearful see the good that comes of it, the second, third and fourth steps will follow.


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